Could not initialize Direct3D, Please make sure the latest DirectX End-User Runtime is installed help?

so I want to check if my computer could run cube world (new indie game) so I downloaded the demo to check, and when I open it I get the message that it could not run Direct3D, i go to the Microsoft website to download the DirectX runtimes but when I install it tells me that everything is up to date and when i go to run cube world again I get the same message...
I have Windows XP SP3 with the default video driver that has its most updated driver, I am also running on a laptop
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    Well it would help to know what hardware you have in your rig? When you say default drivers do you mean from the device manufacture or the default drivers as installed by Windows XP? At minimum we need to know what make/model GPU you have installed what driver version you are running.
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