Some help on choosing a motherboard and graphics card.

Hey guys, im relatively new to the whole pc building game. But I think I have narrowed my choice of a chip down to this (AMD FX6300 Black Edition 6 Core) basically Ive searched for AM3+ motherboards and I have frankly no clue which one to choose, even after researching for a few hours.

Also I am also struggling to find a graphics card, does I have to choose a mobo before I can choose a graphics card?

I appreciate this may be asking a lot, but could anyone recommend a good mobo and graphics card to match?

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  2. sophiebeth100 said:

    Im not looking to spend more then £250 which is about $370 on the two (probably should of mentioned that)
    The newegg website is currently down. Could you perhaps post the actual name of the hardware? And will any of those GPU work on any of those mobos?

    Also is there any point in splashing out on a mobo? From what i gathered it is more important to buy a better GPU/processor/ram

    Never mind, the site is back up. One final question, how do I know how big a case to buy? Is this one any good?
  3. Yeah, I live in the UK so I'll give you the links. However, scan links don't work on this site so I'll just convert them to bitly. :) - Gigabyte 970A-DS3 - £54 - EVGA 760 ACX cooler - £216 - PNY 760 - £198 - Not the best brand but still a beast card. - Asus 660ti - £195
  4. Any of those cards will fit in there, but I would go with the 200R for £12 extra. An incredible case for the money! :) Has a bottom mounted PSU and cable management options so your PC looks tidier. :)
  5. That is certainly a lot of vat on those graphics cards! Looking from the stats they all seem pretty much the same, but the gtx660 has a couple of hundred more cores so it looks stronger. Of course Ill check out the reviews and benchmarks.

    sophiebeth100 said:
    Any of those cards will fit in there, but I would go with the 200R for £12 extra

    But doesnt that case come without fans? will I have to buy some and install them?
  6. I don't think any cases come without fans. This case comes with an intake fan and a rear fan included.
  7. so they do, and it has 8 fan mounts. Although the lack of LEDs is disturbing!
    I really appreciate your help.
  8. You can buy LED fans for around £5 each, so I wouldn't worry too much. :P

    And no worries! :)
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