best psu for the gtx 760?

Hi there,

I will buy the gtx 760 after 1 week from now.

what is the best psu for the gtx 760?

my budget is 70$
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  1. XFX Pro Core 550w - great price too!
  2. Seasonic USA makes the best PSUs there are. Highest quality components.
  3. Yes, Seasonic are very good. In fact Corsair and XFX harbor some Seasonic components in their PSU's.

    I have this-
  4. which one from seasonic?
  5. Mark Nollo said:
    which one from seasonic?

    I know the AX series from Corsair use Seasonic components. And I read somewhere that all XFX PSU's have Seasonic PSU's.

    This will show you the majority of all available PSU's on the market categorized in tiers. The ones in tier 1 are the best etc.
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