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I want to build a gaming Rig for around 1200 bucks. I would like to be able to run Battle Field 3 Ultra at 50+ Fps. Also I'm 14 and I was wondering If you guys think I am mature enough to handle a big with a big investment. Thanks guys! I was wondering where I can purchase all the parts together also?
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    If in the states, I'd look at Newegg, start with a 3570K, an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 mobo, a hyper 212 EVO Cooler, 8GB 1866/9 GSkill Snipers DRAM, then firure prices, look for a Case you like about a 500 WATT PSU, maybe a 120 SSD, a 1TB platter drive and spend whatever remains on a GPU
  2. Ok well I built this computer on Pc Part Picker, will this be good enough to run BF3?
  3. Yes, would however suggest with 16GB go to a 2x8GB setup, less stress on the MC (memory controller) and AMD isn't real strong with their MCs
  4. Oh ok thanks, nothing will overheat or go wrong will it? (this is my first build and I'm a noob with PCs)
  5. No, not that I see, looks pretty good, think you'll be happy with it! ;)
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