8120 overclock with cooler master hyper 412s and a regular 500w psu

hi, i was wondering if i could overclock my fx8120 around 3.6 or 3.8 with my CM hyper 412 cooler and a regular (B-move) 500w..
along with these specs
MSi 970a-g43
16gb (2x8) kingston hyper x
2 500GB 7200rpm HD
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    For that minor overclock, the CPU cooler is plenty good enough, the motherboard is barely acceptable, and the power supply is a major risk. It's risky even without overclocking.
  2. should i upgrade the power supply? i'm planning to buy the NOX Urano VX 650W this week, is it enough? i don't have cash to spend more so i'm looking for cheaper but a better fit to my specs to overclock..and btw what do you mean by "the motherboard is barely acceptable"? sorry for being noobs..
  3. It's not so much a matter of "enough", it's a matter of quality. I don't know that Nox Urano VX, but I doubt it's of acceptable quality. A Corsair CX500 or similar is probably the cheapest I would recommend.

    The motherboard doesn't have the most robust voltage regulators, so for a power-hungry CPU like the 8120 you wouldn't want to overclock too much.
  4. so you're saying going for 3.7 or maybe .8 will make some damage to my mobo?

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  6. Mikey Labsilica said:
    so you're saying going for 3.7 or maybe .8 will make some damage to my mobo?

    No, I think it should be alright at those clocks. But 4+ GHz would be a concern.
  7. thanks, that's a one last question, other than corsair what other psu you can recommend coz in my city we only have cooler masters & thermaltake..
  8. thank you very much
  9. thank you very much
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