How to 'safely' overclock my 7850 2gb?

Hello community!

I recently built my first gaming rig with this graphics card,

I had some questions about overclocking.

1. What is the best program to use? I've seen MSI Afterburner and ASUS GPU Tweak mentioned. Does it matter if i use the MSI software on an ASUS card?

2. Am I supposed to increase the memory clock alongside the core clock? Same goes for fan speed. I at least know that I'm not supposed to tamper with voltage till I know what I'm doing.

It's my first time overclocking anything ): please help
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    Afterburner will not let you screw anything up, as it's max settings are a mild OC. It will do any brand, as will sapphire trixx
    AMD CCC will OC more and some BOIS settings are more advanced. The rule is OC small/little increases, if you get crashes, artifacting or high temps you are close to max OC for your card. Some cards OC better than others (even twin/same brand).
    Only use one software program OC at a time, Ex CCC than disable msi ab, trixx, If using bios, disable CCC, msi, trixx
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