Best AM3 CPU.

What's the best AM3 CPU that will run comfortably in gaming for the next couple of years or so? I want to be able to put this 7970ghz in my other build after the next architecture change, without bottlenecking it. Also, can I upgrade processors without voiding the OEM version of Windows, since it's supposedly tied to the motherboard?
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  1. Any Thuban X6 IMO
  2. Basically Vishna core AMD chips 6300/6350, 8320/8350, and you should be able to change your CPU with out issue.
  3. OP what motherboard do you have?
  4. Definately a pile driver of some kind, espec a 8350, in new game that use all of its cores it starting to match intel, and its cheaper and unlocked, and it oc like a champ with decent cooling, but check to see if your board is compatible with a google search, you may even have to upgrade your bios to use it, but goole is your best friend for that to.
  5. I thought Vishera was AM3+
  6. It's a Gateway specific 880G chipset (mATX, 1 PCIe lane, probably 12-16 gigs of RAM supported max) and it's an AM3 not AM3+. Regular AM3 has 1 less pin than AM3+ which is why you can use a Thuban on a sabertooth 990FX but not an 8350 on my mobo.
  7. I don't wanna spend ~$200 on a 1055T though.
  8. Well, you asked for the best AM3 CPU.
  9. Fair enough...
    And that's a 1035T you linked there, buddy.
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