I want to create a bootable USB flash drive...

So as the title suggests I want to create a bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP. Now the computer I want to install it to is a litecoin mining rig so it has the bare minimum when it comes to parts (i.e. no hdd, no optical drive, crappy processor). I have two flash drives one 16 GB and the other 32 GB. The specs of the computer are listed below... Thanks in advance!





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    I actually had to look up what a "litecoin mining rig" was. Just to remind you though, Windows XP is NOT supported by Microsoft NOR any hardware makers. It is highly recommended, at the MINIMUM to use Windows 7. As this is some sort of 'Server' (it serves a specific task and only that task) I would rather recommend Windows Server 2008 or at least 2003, though again the older you go, the most likely how it won't have the necessary support to work optimally for the hardware.
  2. You're a little ahead of your time there, Tom - -XP remains in support by Microsoft until April of next year and a very high number of drivers are still available. So long as the OP has a legitimate copy of XP which is no longer in use on any other PC, it would make a tidy little system for his purposes.
  3. I was considering him Mainstream not Extended (Corporate Accounts like CitiCorp, Dell, etc.), which ended a while ago, even with the 24month addition to SP3 would still put the support ended on 4/21/2010. I am aware the Extended is by paid for Project support only ($500K to keep my computers running $50M in transactions, sure), not 1-800-MicrosoftHelp consumer line.
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