A 30GB SSD or a Hyper 212 EVO

I only have money for one, what should I get?
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  1. The cooler. A 30GB SSD is too small for real use.

    Or use that $30 as the base to take someone out to dinner.
  2. 30Gb SSD isn't worth it and will cause too many problems.
    cooler if you have to get something.

    Depending on your case, I'd probably spend it on LED light kit/s or save it for the next big upgrade.
  3. that 30gb ssd is design for those interested to do SSD caching. did you intend tp pc ypur cpu?
  4. If you absolutely need to spend your money on something, get the EVO. I'm always a fan and big advocate for aftermarket cooling, if only for the sound.

    But make sure it is something you actually want first, though.
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    If you have a Z68/Z77/Z87 motherboard, pick up the SSD. It can be used for Caching which will make a big difference in terms of performance. It's easy to set up.

    If you have a K Unlocked CPU or an AMD unlocked CPU (that's not one of the above platforms) pick up the cooler.

    If you have neither, save your money :)
  6. Hyper 212 EVO , 30 GIG SSD is a waste.
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