Replacing Core 2 Quad Q6600 with Pentium G2020 3rd gen CPU is it a good move?

still using q6600 CPU
and playing games without a problem... Tomb raider,Metro last light and BF3 mp in good fps... but i want to upgrade my cpu so i decided to buy Intel Pentium G2020 3rd gen CPU with new mobo..will i be able get the same performance from this CPU?

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  1. If for gaming...G2020 seems doesn't as powerful as Q6600. After all, Q6600 is a quad-core processor while G2020 is a dual-core processor. G2020 may be as powerful as E8400 but still be outperformed by Q9650. Also G2020 isn't good for overclocking, meaning u couldn't squeeze any performance while Q6600 still has a chance to be OC'ed. Only i5 could be a good replacement for it. Downgrade your quad-core CPU to a dual-core (and only two threads) CPU isn't a good idea. Save some money to buy a good cooler and OC your Q6600.
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    Well, q6600 is a strong CPU, especially if you're overclock this old puppy..

    Change it to Pentium G2020, mmm, i will not call that with "upgrade"..that's more like "side grade"..

    well, this article will help you...,3487.html
  3. Thanks Maxime506
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