Catalyst control center only showing CPU settings and not GPU

I recently updated my control center to beta 13.6 cause the others wouldn't open, but when I opened it, it only came up with the settings for my CPU and not my graphics card. If it matters my graphics card is Radeon HD 4850
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    I would suspect you would need to remove the Video Drivers, use Drive Sweeper to remove all the remnants, then reboot you will be in VGA mode, then run the install again. Make sure Windows was already up to date, VBIOS / BIOS upto date and so on.

    after a lot of headache, ive got all my GPU options back, including overscan, which was needed to correct the block border problem.

    1 uninstall previous AMD software

    2 re-install the latest driver exe using WIN7 compatibility mode.( right click on driver install file >>properties>>compatibility)
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