Need help picking PC Case please?

I cant decide between the three pc cases. I want to spend the least amount of money. Now all three cases that I have chosen all work with my setup so everything is going to fit.

Raidmax Atlas-295WB

Rosewill BlackHawk Gaming

Coller Master Elite 431 Plus

Two of them are $50 but I would need to supply fans and LED's and probably some sound proof lining or something. And the Rosewill is $90 but it has everything I need and then some. I'm not sure which one I should go with. And again all three are compatible with my setup up. I just want to cheapest, quietest and best looking one.

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  1. ^That's a Micro-ATX case. We don't know what size motherboard he has.
    I would just go with the ATX mid-tower version.
  2. realchaos said:
    ^That's a Micro-ATX case. We don't know what size motherboard he has.
    I would just go with the ATX mid-tower version.

    So I should scratch my three choices and go with the Fractal R4 design? And yes I do have an ATX form factor motherboard.
  3. Yes. The Define R4 is a great case with sound-dampening pads all over the inside and great airflow. The only thing is that there's no LEDs because it keeps the clean, sleek look.
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    The best case out of those three imo is the Rosewill BlackHawk Gaming.

    I highly recommend you do not buy C.M. Elite 431 i did a build with it recently for a friend cable management was a nightmare lol!And Raidmax is not known for making anything good not to be mean but honestly when is the last time you seen any professional reliable review sites award any of their cases The Corsair Carbide Series 200R is one of those budget oriented cases that comes in at a mere $59, but includes a ton of features to make it suitable for anyone looking to build a new PC, but is limited to a budget.

    With support for up to 8 fans, dust filters for the PSU and intake, tool free design, and a clearance of up to 320mm for those extra long graphics cards, it’s a beast of a case that doesn’t carry a beast of a pricetag.
  5. I really like that corsair carbide case, but it doesn't seem like it had the sound proofing material inside it, but I figure, the loudest my fan is going to get is about 40dB so it shouldn't be to noise. I am however going to go with the Fractal Design, only because I get $30 off on newegg so it's only going to be an extra $20 and my buddy has the R4 and it is extremely quiet. If it wasn't for the $30 discount then I'd definitely go with the corsair carbide. Thanks
  6. No problem.You're welcome! I would choose the same between those two cases so no worries enjoy!
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