Looking for a main board that works with my pocessor and ram

My configuration:
Asus M3N-HT Deluxe Main Board
AMD Phenom X4 Black Edition 2.3GHz proc
Corsair XMS2 cm2x2048-8500c5c RAM
The power supply has failed. I picked up a replacement power supply and now find out the main board has also passed. (No boot or beep tones)
I am looking for a main board which can use my current processor and memory. Or is there a likely hood that the power supply failing also took out the processor?
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    I've never had a processor fail, but I have had MBs fail. But there's no guarantee since the PSU died. No telling what happened to the voltage when that happened. But if I had to guess, I'd say it was the board that took the brunt. This may be fate's way of telling you that you need to upgrade to a new CPU/board/RAM.

    But if you still want to try your luck with a new board, AM2/AM2+ boards w/DDR2 are pretty rare now. Your best bet may be ebay for a used or possibly new one. However, Newegg still has this one:
  2. How exactly did the old power supply fail ?
    I mean did it go out with a popping sound, a burning smell from it or an electrical white flash.

    Or did it just not turn on the next time you went to power the system up.
    When you put the new power supply in did you reset the motherboard bios back to factory defaults Tony.
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