intel+nvidia vs amd+ati radeon all on asus mobo.. what is better for gaming?

hi, i am planning on getting a new rig. i have decided to get an asus board as it has good reviews. now, as the title says, which of the 2 combos is better? i am doing a heavy gaming
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    Ah well. You need to give the 'combo' names too so we can tell.

    There is nothing like this company is better and this is not.
    For ex.

    A combo of Intel Core i3 3220 along with GTX 650 is much worse than a combo of FX 8350 and HD 7970.
    In the same way a combo of Intel Core i5 4670 + GTX 780 is a better combo than FX 6300 and HD 7850.

    Some general facts -

    1) Intel CPUs have higher per core performance than AMD. That means each individual core is stronger.

    2) AMD CPUs recommended here have almost double the number of cores Intel offers (8 cored in most cases).

    3) All FX CPUs from AMD are fully unlocked and can be overclocked at will without any restrictions whatsoever.

    4) Nvidia GPUs run much better in SLI (Multi GPU Configuration) than AMD and does not encounter micro sluttering and heating issues in most cases.

    5) ATI GPUs overclock very damn well and are cheaper than Nvidia in most cases for same amount of power.

    These are the general facts about all the companies and should give you a clue of where to head next.

    I hope you are getting that. And yes, Intel CPUs and AMD CPUs, both use different sockets so you have to change the motherboard you chose if in case the selected processor is not compatible with it.
  2. You aren't tied to one or the other, a good mobo not only runs nVidia or Radeon but often runs either SLI or XFire Z77 Extreme 4 can run XFire or SLI and I've run a number of combinations of both on it....personally I lean towards nVidia, and of course Intel
  3. Don't feel your CPU choice constrains your GPU choice. Personally, I prefer AMD. I don't know why, I just do. Both cards and CPUs have their advantages and disadvantages. Intel uses much less power, but has a higher thermal limit so obviously produces much more heat. AMD has much worse performance per watt, and has a lower thermal limit so less heat will be produced. Though I've heard things about Nvidia's heat that I surely wish are not true, they have much better performance per watt than AMD. Nvidia also has CUDA, PhysX and better driver support than AMD cards do. However, AMD cards OC better and are better on the price/performance ratio. Right now the GTX 700 series is better than the Radeon 7000 series though I personally think the Radeon 9000 series is going to be pretty awesome based on rumored specs. Intel is the better performer in the CPU department right now without a doubt, but AMD is catching up. Pretty much once you get past the $175 mark AMD starts to become less and less of an option. Again, this all depends on your budget, which you haven't told us yet.
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