Motherboard question on 990FXA UD3 & UD5

Hello everyone so I have a question that has been bothering me. Motherboard just recently died and was thinking of buying the same board but then I though well the UD3 is $35 cheaper and I didn't really use all the features in the UD5. Check the difference and the only thing I can see besides the 2 less Sata ports, 1 less PCIe, is the power delivery. UD3 uses analog and the UD5 uses digital. Besides those points do you think I would have to re-install the whole operating system or can i use the system image that is already created from the UD5 on the UD3. The boards seem to use the same bios but not the same version.
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    I agreed with you to take the UD3, I found the review too.

    When you get the UD3, you don't need to re-install the OS, because they have the similar drivers, the wrong case you need call microsoft to active the OS I mean explain that you had to relace your MB.
  2. I say go for the UD3. It's a solid board and since you said you can live without the extra features of the UD5 more reason to go UD3. And like cin19 said, you probably won't need to reinstall windows. But worse case you might have to call Microsoft and tell them you replaced the motherboard and need to get it reactivated again. Not sure if this even helped but just wanted to throw it in.
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