asus gtx 660 non ti model not displaying anything

this is my first build. I started building a gaming comp yesterday and it was finished early today. it worked fine when hdmi was plugged into the gpu, i left it alone for 45 mins (left the house) and when i got back the display will not work off the gpu but when i plug it into the motherboard (asrock z77 extreme3) it shows a display. the fan works and there is a light but its not recognized on the computer itself. i have taken it out and reset it multiple times and no change. when using the comp for a game like minecraft (only game i have put on it since i had like an hour with it working) i can only get around 15 FPS, knowing that's not right i think there is something wrong with the GPU. thank you.

asus gtx 660 non ti, asrock z77 extreme3, intel 13 2270, corsair c70, corsair vengeance lp 8gb ram, 212 hyper evo, 1tb barracuda seagate hdd, 640w seasonic power supply, windows 8
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    Sounds like a problem with GPU itself or maybe a bad power cable from the PSU, or underpowered you have or could you borrow a different PSU to try
  2. I assume its a buggy driver or yeah Defective GPU. RMA it back to ASUS
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