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Hi guys, i need some help.
finished my brothers new build today, everything is fine except one problem, i know what it is i just dont know how to fix it. My CPU is an i3 3220 @ 3.3GHz and my mobo is an asus P8H61-I LX R2.0. I knew before i built it I would need to do a bios update because of the Ivy bridge cpu and the H61 chipset except i am having some problem updating it. when the system boots the monitor is completely blank. I have no idea what to do, is this caused by the outdated bios or another problem.
I followed the method in the user manual to update the bios but nothing happens because of the blank screen. Please help me fix this. Thanks
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    The board wont post with the cpu in it as the bios does not know what it is.
    That is why the screen is black.
    The only way around it, is to ask a friend who has cpu that will run with the current bios revision of the board, then flash it.
    Then put your Cpu back in.
    You could also ask your local computer shop to help you.
    Just make sure you download the new bios update file stick it on a usb stick and pop into the computer shop.
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