Can i change the OS on the Lenovo y500?

I want to get the lenovo y500 but it has windows 8, i was wondering if i could change it to windows 7 safely?
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    May I ask why you would want to do such a thing? Just add the Start button back (and remove the Start screen) to Windows 8 with Start8 or StartIsBack. You'd reap all the new features of 8 (faster boot time, better search, more secure and stable drivers) but with the Start menu right where you want it. It's the best of both worlds, really!

    Do you own a legal, retail copy of Windows 7? The Y500 doesn't come with any downgrade options or discs, so you'd have to buy a disc yourself.

    You do? Great, here's how:

    You don't? Buy one here:
  2. you can also use classic shell which is another free alternative to changing the interface on windows.
  3. Classic Shell rocks. I haven't seen a "tile" or used a metro app in 6 months.
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