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Hey guys, I'm trying to upgrade the sound on my PC. Right now im using onboard sound with a 50 dollar pair of studio headphones. My goal is not so much a huge soundscape for gaming, but what im really interested in in high quality music. I listen to everything from bass-heavy EDM to classical piano so I need something that does more than just cranks out bass. I plan to spend about 150-200 bucks on just the DAC. I'm planning on eventually getting a 7.1 speaker system to hook up to it but for now i just want something to power a high end pair of headphones. I'm just looking for suggestions from all you audiophiles out there. Also i want to know if you think ill notice a big difference in my headphones with the DAC vs onboard sound or am i only going to notice the real difference when i hook up the speaker system. Sry if thats confusing, appreciate any help!
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    You most likely won't notice any difference between the DAC and your onboard sound. However, if you plan to hook up a 7.1 surround sound system, you will need a sound card. Personally, i would rather spend my money on bass heavy headphones/earphones such as these: or these:
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