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Hi, I'm in the process of speccing a gaming PC to replace my current 5 year old build. I currently run 3 monitors with the primary display connected to a GTX 480 for intense gaming and two other screens are connected to my older GTX 295 (which has finally fried, poor thing.) and are used for less intense strategy games between matches or browsing/streaming.

My question is, if I get two GTX 770s and run them in Sli, will I be able to keep this arrangement and will I be able to use the outputs from both cards? I do not intend to use surround gaming as all the monitors are different sizes, I just want to extend the desktop onto the secondary screens.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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  1. You can run 4 screens off each 770 so you will be able to have a total of 8 screens. On another note 1 770 can max out a 1080 screen in everything but like 2 games out there. SLI on 1 screen is a bit overkill unless its 1440 or 1600
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    i believe to use multiple monitors when your cards are in sli, the monitors must be plugged into the primary card for them to work, the secondary card will not function to output video to any displays only the primary card will.

    nvm i looked it up, it seems to be different for nvidia surround compared to eyefinity, it is even different between different models of card and what outputs they have to how you connect the monitors for nvidia surround but you do use your secondary cards outputs aswell if only 1 of them.

    this is an example for 680 cards
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