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I am building a home file and media server. Through much research I found these components:

Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD $70
Intel Core i3 3220T 2.8Ghz $125
ECS Elitegroup Intel Motherboard $50
Corsair Vengeance 4 GB RAM $43
Cooler Master Mini ITX Case $50

I want this server to hold pictures, videos, files, to be able to stream hd videos, and to host a website. Do you think that these components are adequate?
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    I have used much less in the past :)

    As long as the website does not become one that sees extremely high traffic, I see no reason for those specs not to cut it.

    I assume by stream you want the computer streaming to do the work and not the server to convert in real time?
  2. I would look at more HD's and set them in RAID or something if this information is important to you.

    Also, 1TB will fill up fast if you plan on using it for movies and such.

    Why do you want to host a website on your own PC. Unless you really good with Linux/PHP/Apache, etc, all you're doing is leaving it open to the outside world to hack and access your whole PC. $3 a month for hostgator will get your hosting 10x what your box could provide.

    What kind of OS are you planning on running?

    If you just want streaming, video, pics, and want to avoid the web server, you could look at a NAS box that is streamlined just for that purpose, supports, raid, runs a lightweight os, etc.
  3. Thanks for the feedback everybody. Now what kind of operating system should I run on it? Should I go linux or windows server? Cost is not a problem here.
  4. I would most likely go for a Linux version that meets your needs.

    My media center acts as my network attached storage so it has Windows on it(mainly so I can use Media Center it self).
  5. For OS, depends on if you plan on running a web server for it, then probably a full linux. If you dump the web server, then I got for a NAS only linux based OS like FreeNas or something. Very small, lightweight OS that is made for sharing of files and that's it. I would at least go 2 drives to get some protection in case of failure though. I just 2 TB of stuff for not practicing what I preach. lol.
  6. Good point, I have one WDC RED for my network files and a WDC my book external for backups(on top of other drives that hold even more important stuff to get more than 2 copies.).
  7. What do you think of windows server 2012 though? Will it do what I need it to do or will it be too much of a hassel?
  8. whereitsat said:
    What do you think of windows server 2012 though? Will it do what I need it to do or will it be too much of a hassel?

    Probably way overkill and going to suck up most of the resources on your PC doing nothing.

    Are you still determined to run a web server on it? What for? What addons do you need for it, like php, mysql, etc? Those things are a PITA to run on Windows anyways.
  9. I think I want to run a web server on it to access my files from the web from a remote location using owncloud or something like that. So you recommend linux for a file server and web server? What flavor would you recommend or does it really matter.
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