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Hi Everyone.

I'm Currently Using a "Samsung 300E5Z" with this Specs
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1 Build 7600)
BIOS: Phoenix SecureCore-Tiano(tm) NB Version 2.1 07QB
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350m CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family 1696MB, 32bit, 60Hz
Memory: 4096 RAM DDR3
Direct X Version: 11

I've been using this for almost 8 months now.
Then since last week i was having a problem with it.
There are times when i power it up the Screen goes crazy like a Broken Old TV reception showing Green or sometimes oranges static like appearance. so when that happens i pull the plug off and remove the battery. then after doing so i press the Power button repeatedly or press it for 10-20secs so it will discharge the remaining electricity left on it.

then after that i put the plug again to it but this time it won't even Boot up.(i didn't put the battery i suspected maybe it's a faulty battery) the power button works and i can see the light on the power indicator but it will not even go to the BIOS so i remove again the plug and drain the remaining electricity to it again by doing the long press on the power button.

Then after some hour (maybe 1-2 hours) it Booted up Normally like nothing happened to it. i went to a PC/Laptop repair center near my area. they said it maybe a "Intermittent" Motherboard or Video Card. I'm still a Student so i still can't afford to lose this laptop since I'm an aspiring programmer and i only know basic stuffs about hardware and software.

I posted here cause i know there are a lot of Professional Technicians and Hardware Experts from around the globe here. so i would like to also take your Opinion on this. Please help me out. I'm currently Posting this Using the Said Laptop.

I Hope you Guys can help me out a bit. Thanks. Cheers.

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  1. Man, it could be almost anything. Battery not giving enough power, faulty mobo, faulty GPU, overheating... It's really hard to diagnose, especially on a laptop.
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    I'd lean to a heat problem, try it on one of the cooling pads or set a notepad/book under each side so the bulk of it is off the table or whatever, also get a can of compressed ait and blow into the gris openings
  3. Ok i'll try that out.... Thanks for the Advice

    UPDATE: i don't know if its gotten worse now. it goes to Blue Screen for like 10-15 seconds and starts to do a Memory Dump @_@ then it restarts, then gets stuck on the Windows loading screen but it doesnt move then the Broken Old TV reception thing shows up again. after a min. i power it up again it loads to BIOS but gets stuck on just a blinking cursor on the top left. No sounds alerts. then after i restart it again it wont even load to BIOS. Man. a Problem after another. T_T

    its now always on Blue screen "STOP:0x0000004E" "PFN_LIST_CORRUPT"
  4. I hate saying this, but if you've got no other options left, try a clean install of Windows.

    First, though, download bluescreenview and tell us what driver was the cause of the BSOD.
  5. Try decreasing the page file size, boot, then increase it to larger than it was in the first place...if no joy, try a system repair or a restore from an earlier point
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