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I'm building my own PC so I'll need some help with what graphics card should I get
I want to be able to play games like GTA 5 and BF4 on a really nice resolution without any lag.

Sapphire ATI PCX HD 7970 3GB
Gigabyte PCX GeForce GTX770 4GB Overclock
Gigabyte PCX GeForce GTX770 2GB Overclock
Gigabyte PCX GeForce GTX670 2GB Overclock

The prices are pretty similar but I'm trying to save as much cash as possible.
I'm using only 1 monitor
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  1. the hd7970 would be the best and would be more than sufficient for one monitor. the gtx770 si kinda overpriced(70$ more) and is not that much fast than a hd7970(330$).
  2. wait for those games to come out first, check the benchmarks and then decide :P
  3. I can't wait! The computer I have at the moment is horrible :(
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    then go with 7970 as suggested sourodip. My cheap 7750 1gb low profile can handle new games at mid-high settings (like crysis 3, tomb raider) so 7970 will do wonders.
  5. get the hd7970, it would be worth the price and BF4 would be AMD optimized. So, go for the hd7970(4 free games w/ purchase)
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