Monitor for 2048x1536 resolution GPU?

I'm running in a 1280x1024 19.5" acer monitor with asus' 690gtx. It says "input not supported" when I tried to max the resolution.

The low quality stretched display is a huge disappointment.

In need of a good 2048x1536 monitor that's no more than 24". Please help, recommendations are greatly appreciated
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  1. 2048x1536 was a common maximum resolution on high-end CRTs 10 years or more ago, but hard to find on modern LCDs. If you really want that as the monitor resolution, there are a few medical diagnostic monitors that have it:
    In consumer-priced 24 inch monitors, you won't find higher than 1920x1200 resolution. If you're willing to go up to 30-inch diagonal, you could get a 2560x1600 monitor and run 2048x1536 on it with black borders.
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    there are several 2560x1440 monitors @ 27", especially from korean brands. They all use LG panels - brands to look for are yamakasi, acheiva, crossover and potalion. There are a few others. If you live near a microcenter, they have their own - the auria. There is also a domestically produce line fro overlord computers. All these monitors will average $4-500 for a 60hz model. If you want a 120 model, it's around $700 form overlord, or $850 from to get your hands on a 120hz yamakasi catleap. If you're the tinkering type, you could try to find one of the 60hz monitors for cheap on craigslist, then get the 120hz PCB from overlord (the pcb will fit yamakasi's, achieva's, and overlords own. will *not* fit crossovers. unsure about potalion and auria.)

    good luck!
  3. Many of the remaining monitors at that resolution are upwards of 4500 dollars, good luck with finding anything cheaper.
  4. for cheaper, your best bet is craigslist. I haggled out a potalion for $250.
  5. quilciri said:
    there are several 2560x1440 monitors @ 27" [...] good luck!

    A, brilliant! I just discovered this awhile ago as well

    Thanks guys, I think I'll go with 27".
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