Z87 vs X79 questions.

Ok, so im building a gaming computer for the 1st time so im new to the different components. I have a budget of about $1900. I have had many people tell me to get a z87 MOBO but have also been told that x79 is better. Can someone please explain the differences in these and why i should get 1 over the other???
Also, what GPU is good for gaming?
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    Z87 is for LGA1150 Haswell CPUs. X79 is for LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E CPUS, which have more cores and threads, but those make little difference for gaming over a 4 core/4 thread i5 cpu. I think X79 has more PCI express lanes which allows more bandwidth when using 3 or 4 video cards. I'd say X79 is only worth it if you do something more cpu-intensive than gaming on your computer (e.g. video editing), or have a budget over $3k.
  2. Yeah, X79 is a good choice if you need more than 2 graphics cards, or if you run programs that utilize more than 4 cores effectively and need the best performance possible.

    Z87 is cheaper and at least as good (in some ways better) for most regular usage, including gaming.
  3. a gaming build tends to be around 1400 dollars. spending more for a x79 rig will not do you any good and for gaming, it performs worse
  4. X79
    Quad channel DDR3 (you need four matched sticks for this)
    40 PCIe lanes (allows for dual 16x, quad 8x on larger boards)
    i7-3820 quad core w/overclocking 130W (despite not having the k)
    i7-3930k hex core w/ overclocking 130W
    i7-3960x hex core w/overclocking +3mb l3 cache 130W
    requires expensive cooling solution.
    upcoming Ivy bridge E chips should support x79. Q1 2014?

    6 native intel Sata III ports
    PCIe 3.0 at dual 8x and/or one additional at 2.0 8x
    Dual channel DDR3 memory.
    i7-4770k (84W) quad core w/overclocking and hyperthreading (average 4.3-4.5Ghz)
    i5-4670k (84W) quad core (average 4.3-4.5Ghz)
    Requires expensive cooling solutions.
    Upcoming Broadwell chips should be supported in this platform 2015.

    i7-3770k (77W) quad core with hyperthreading 4.5-4.8Ghz
    i5-3570k (77W) quad core with hyperthreading 4.5-4.8Ghz
    lower cost cooling works.
    Latest chip for this socket, no upgrade path.

    Dual GTX770 is about as good as it gets cost/performance on an expensive system. Single card solution would be a GTX780.

    For AMD a pair of 7970, but crossfire is not exactly desirable. A single 7970 is a good 1900 budget option. Then you can pour money into SSD or monitors.
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