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I want to make a high-res image, sized 256 x 256 pixels. (Small i know, but it must stay at these dimensions, there is a reason why it cannot be any bigger.)

I created a canvas in Photoshop, this size, but when i type on it the letters are incredibly pixelated. The resolution was at around 400px/inch.

The writing needs to be tiny, like you see in this picture.

Up close it looks terrible; i want this to be high-res.

Any ideas why this might be happening, and how to sort it out? Cheers. :)
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  1. Because your zoomed in 200% on a raster image... Do you know what the differences are in Vector and Raster images?

    Here is a brief description. You can have a resolution of 500 dpi on an image. If it's raster based when you zoom in it will ALWAYS be blocky or pixelized.
  2. The text is being stretched because you are making it bigger without scaling the pixels? Zooming into a 256x256 image without scaling the resolution.
  3. I use the the Image/Resize & Resample tool in irfanview to change the scaling(increase resolution). I would imagine Photoshop has an equivalent tool
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    Dpi settings isn't going to make it high res. 256px is still 256px, you are still low res. A higher dpi settings just means they are smaller pixels. The difference is when printed or a physical object. A 256x256 image in 400dpi is .64 inches. 72dpi is 3.556 inches.
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