80ºC in a i7 4770k

Hi guys,

I overclocked my cpu to 4.1ghzx and i see temperatures around 75 and 80º. is this accepetable ? i use the evo 212+
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  1. Yeah, these chips run hot. I see spikes all the time past 80C with an h80i. My tuniq tower 120 extreme was a little better, but I still saw 79C under full load.

    The Hyper Evo 212 isn't really adequate for Haswell stuff, have to look at the $60-70 coolers to make an impact. Or things like the h100i.

    You can try lowering the voltage to reduce temps, but I've not had much luck getting stability under 1.2-1.25 volts.
  2. IMO the stock heatsink isnt installed correctly. I would try and wiggle it and when it moves reinstall it
  3. I agree that the cooler is not properly installed or loose or has an inadequate amount of thermal paste. I doubt the system is very functional at those temps.
  4. Tried two different coolers on mine and got about the same temperatures.

    So I don't think it is the cooler. Also no mention of a stock cooler in this thread, OP is using a EVO 212+, kind of hard to mess up the seating on one of those.

    I don't think I got a very good chip, and many other people are reporting the same 80C temps, under general use it sits around mid 60s, but any real stress and it pops up to 78, 79, 84 etc.

    Mine becomes unstable instantly past 4.3Ghz (actually does crash occasionally at 4.3Ghz, experimenting running at 4.2Ghz right now with a few modified voltages)
  5. what is the maximum temperature expected?
  6. Disregard my post. I could have sworn this post was meant to be posted in another.
  7. pretty amazing.....

    I would never consider running my silicon that hot on a regular basis.
  8. Yeah, not that pleased so far with Haswell, really bought it for the motherboard and its SATA III ports.

    My i7 950 never broke 70C with the same tuniq tower. That was overclocked to 3.85Ghz, idled at like 32C, could barely hear it when it was running. It really doesn't make a lot of sense to have a 130W chip run so much cooler then a 84W chip.

    I'm tempted to try a hand at delidding, but without a good water loop to go along with it, I don't think I'll get very far. Hopefully I can make it rock-stable and hold out for Broadwell, or at least wait on a new stepping for Haswell.
  9. Think of it this way Eximo.

    4.3Ghz Haswell = 4.7Ghz Ivy = 5.1Ghz Sandy = 5.4Ghz Bloomfield
  10. It is more the stability I am displeased with. It will run fine seemingly for hours and only crashes on stress tests when over 4.3Ghz, then it will crash under the same conditions it had been running. Not really sure it is the temperature that causes it or voltage droop, but I can't lower the voltage anymore without it crashing constantly. I mean we are talking fairly small gains over the stock turbo frequencies.

    Messing with LLC and a few other settings to see if I can improve on it. Just not the most friendly chip I've had to work with.
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