IPS vs 120/144 Hertz gaming monitor

As a gamer I am torn between whether I should get an Asus 27" IPS monitor, or a 120 hertz monitor from BenQ, or a 144 hertz monitor from Asus. Here are the monitors I was thinking of:

Asus 27" IPS:

BenQ 120 hertz:

Asus 144 hertz:

I was originally leaning towards the monitors with higher refresh rates, but my friends reeled my into IPS technologies so I got interested in that too. Now I am in a though decision on what kind of monitor to get. My current monitor is a basic 24" 60 hertz Asus LED monitor.
Price is not too much of an issue (although I would still like to know which is best bang for your buck) and I play many games from FPS to RPGs but most of my FPS games are older/non graphic intense such as CSS and Crysis 2 (and things between that level of graphics). Recently though I find myself playing more non FPS games.
My specs are as followed:

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth P67
CPU: Intel quad-core i5 2500k Sandy bridge OC@ 4 Ghz
GPU: EVGA GTX 570 1GB Vram
PSU: 850 Watt Cooler Master Silent Pro
Case: CM Storm Enforcer
Storage: 120 GB OCZ SSD & 2TB HDD
Cooler: Corsair H80i Liquid Cooler
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

So which monitor would best suit my unique gaming needs? Please let me know what you all think!
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    I'm sure you can get a 1440p panel for that price. As a user of a 120Hz panel, it doesn't really make much difference if you are playing single player games, the extra FPS and responsiveness are perceivable but you only notice them once they are taken away. If you are into online FPS's and stuff it will make all the difference in the world.

    Another possibility is 3D if you care for it, you have an Nvidia card and any of those 120/144Hz displays support it.
  2. If you want my opinion, depends on how much FPS your 570 can generate at your preferred settings. the higher it is, the 120hz is more attractive. IPS is always a solid choice regardless due to color. neither is necessarily always better than the other, its all about preference, fluidity vs vibrance
  3. I vote IPS or PLS. I'd notice the lack of quality far more than the lack of response. And if you get an ASUS model (like the MX279H you're looking at) with the Trace Free feature, you get best of both worlds - exceptional quality and fast response. Be aware though that's a 1080p 27"er so pixels will be a little larger. I'd recommend these:

  4. I personally prefer 120hz. Not just for the added smoothness, 3D and responsiveness, but I actually get sick using 60hz lcd monitors if I play more than 30-60 mins. If you have motion sickness/simulator sickness issues as I do, the benefits of 120hz are hard to ignore.
  5. Hey guys thanks for your opinions they where all very helpful and today I went out and bought the asus IPS monitor after having seen it compared to a 120 Hertz monitor.
  6. Glad to help :-) Which model did you choose?
  7. sam_p_lay said:
    Glad to help :-) Which model did you choose?

    I went with the Asus 23" MX239 IPS and honestly I tried some of my games out on it and it has very vibrant colours but it's very dark which I can adjust in the game, but then when I got into something like a web browser its too bright and I have to readjust. Not exactly blown away, may return it and try a high refresh rate monitor, or even stick with my basic monitor to avoid more hassle.
  8. Sounds to me like you just need to adjust your gamma settings. Shouldn't ever be necessary to alter brightness/contrast every time you open/exit a game.
  9. sam_p_lay said:
    Sounds to me like you just need to adjust your gamma settings. Shouldn't ever be necessary to alter brightness/contrast every time you open/exit a game.

    I adjusted it and it helps alot but its not perfect, still thinking on whether I should keep the monitor
  10. I wouldn't stick with something you're not happy with, but just make sure it's not simply wrong settings. Gamma can be controlled in the game settings and in nVIDIA control. Colours can be adjusted on the monitor itself and in nVIDIA control panel. Obviously brightness and contrast are on the monitor itself and you may have software controls also. Best thing is to get your Windows how you like it and then adjust the gamma settings in games.
  11. I used to have an IPS monitor that was stuck to 60 hz. I was constantly getting headaches after hours of gameplay. Also I was donig very bad in FPS games. Like I coulnd't even get a 5 kill streak in anything. Now that I've bought the Asus VG27HE, everything just changed. No more headaches for one. Then I was getting constant killstreaks in games like Battlefield and other FPS games. SO in conclusion, if you're not a competitive FPS gamer, then you shouldn't get a 120 or even a 144 hz monitor. As it would not benefit you in gaming. Viewing angles are just bad and colors are not the same when I put it side by side with my IPS panel.
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