My external WD HDD 3.0 USB isn't working.

So I bought this around 2 years ago and I finally got a laptop with USB 3.0 compatibility, Sager NP8230 (Clevo P151SM1). My mouse connects to the 3.0 ports in the laptop and works fine but when I connect my HDD the light turns on and I hear the disk spinning but there is no screen pop-up and its not there in "Computer". My friend also has a USB 3.0 desktop with drivers up-to-date and it doesn't work either. I updated everything that was inside the HDD folder but still no luck.

Is it gone to hell or can I fix it some how, because I'd like to transfer files faster.

I'm running Windows 8 and my friends Desktop is running Windows 7, both 64 bit.
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    check if it requires external power, also open disk managment and see if it shows in disk managment, it could be that the drive is not formatted.
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