Creating a fan system for a home theater set-up

Does anyone out there have experience with modding the back-panel of their home theater setup (the actual furniture) to include fans that will draw air over your components? I have multiple gaming systems that I'd like to passively cool and I'd like to also have some bragging right, admittedly, for setting up some cool, maybe LED, fan system in the back of my center. Maybe even one regulated by a temperature sensor that throttles on and off at certain setpoints.

In any case, let this thread be a think tank of sorts. I'm interested in hearing what's been done out there.

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    Yeah I fitted a 120mm fan to exhaust hot air in the back of an entertainment cabinet.
    I powered the fan with a cheap variable voltage power supply and found that 9V was the optimum compromise between noise and airflow.
    If you have any old power supplies between 6 and 12 volt you could use these.
    You just need to cut a 120mm hole in the cabinet and drill 4 holes for mounting screws .
    Its a good idea to also fit fan grills on each side.
    If you wanted to fit multiple fans it would certainly be feasible to use a pc fan controller,just cut the molex off and connect the power supply to it.
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