Asus GeForce GTX 560, Want to Overclock it, need help

Hello Guys,

I been using a Asus GeForce GTX 560 DirectCU 1GB DDR5 256-bit for about a year now, never been much of a OCer but now i would like to try it.
Could you guys gimme a hand ? Link to the graphic card specs .
I went to the asus website and i downloaded some utilities, AsusSmartDoctor and ASUS GPU Tweak.
Checked so i have the latest version of driver so i think im ready :D

Now... should i use the SmartDoctor HyperDrive feature (if so , on witch setting 3d game/temperature/cpu usage/manual ) ? or do it manually via the ASUS GPU Tweak ? if not, can you suggest what software to use ?

What impact will OCing the graphics card have on my system and the card itself ?
I don't really wanna break it... would be ideal to avoid that :D

Could you perhaps give me some indications on what would be a safe OC for it ?
What temps should i be looking out for ? 70c ? 75c ? i mean how HOT shouden't it get ? :D
By default GPU is at 810MHZ, Memory is at 4008 MHZ and "Shader" is at 1620MHZ
Idle it stands at 40-42c and in full load around 65-67c (room temp at 29c)

In the ASUS GPU TWEAK there is a "gamer profile" this one sets these values :
GPU 830/Memory 4048/Shader 1660 Is this ok ? ...

What kind of a performance increase am i looking at if i OC it ? im just trying to figure out if its worth it ?
What real risks am i looking at ?

Well thank you for your time guys, i honestly appreciate it!
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    Just up the GPU clock in ASUS GPU Tweak and run a stability test like Furmark to test for any artifacts.
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