how to use onboard gpu for display with videocard

I got a new pc, but my radeon hd 7970 doesnt have a vga port thus cannot display, is there any way to use my intel core i5 4670k's gpu and vga port to work for the display while doing games and rendering on the hd 7970.

These are my specs listed below-
msi g41 z87
diamond radeon hd 7970
core i5 4670k

Thank you in advance for your help
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  1. Why not buy an adapter for the job? i think that the card even comes with one.
  2. In bios, settings, integrated graphics configuration, enable multi monitor. Start the pc with the monitor plugged in and it should work.
  3. thanks k1114, but then the igpu started working and basically lagged all the through metro and cryengine.
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    Is the monitor connected to the 7970 set to primary in windows? Also try changing pcie as primary in bios. Sometimes the drivers will conflict, then your next choice would be to just get an adapter.
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