Problem installing MSI Z87 G45 drivers?

So I just completed my first PC build, and after installing Windows 7, I went to install the drivers I had downloaded onto a flash drive from the MSI website:

7 out of the 10 drivers installed without incident, but I got an error saying my computer does not meet the minimum requirements. The drivers that won't install are:

Intel Rapid Start Technology Driver
Lucid Virtu MVP Driver
Intel VGA Driver

Any idea why I'm having problems? Also, are these drivers important, as in will I be fine for gaming and whatnot if they're not installed?
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  1. I'm probably really bad but I don't think I could be bothered to install those drivers anyway haha :P. I have the same motherboard by the way. I've had no problems so far with it.
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    If you have a discrete GPU it won't install the Integrated graphics unless you start the PC w/o GPU installed.
    Lucid MVP Driver is for the 6 sound connecters on the back I don't think those will install either if nothing is connected to them.
    Intel Rapid Start I think only works with SSD. I could be wrong there too, or is for skipping the BIOS?

    MSI Z87 G45 downloads / Utilities/ Download MSI Live update and use that to SCAN, If you don't have internet connection though this won't work so you have to do all USB.

    I have the same board.
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