Turbo Mode, or no Turbo Mode?

I just bought an AMD FX 6300 and I am not sure whether to leave turbo mode on. I will be doing some gaming and I was wondering if clock frequencies would drop at inconvenient times. Thanks for the help!

Current Build:
500 watt PSU
AMD FX 6300 (not OC'd)
4GB DDR3 Memory (will add another 4GB stick for dual channel functionality)

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    Go ahead and try it, if under any load, it's not going to drop, that's what it's for to add extra power when load increases
  2. Thanks for helpful answer!
  3. Let us know what you think
  4. I have had no significant drops in performance while gaming (Planet Side 2). If there was any, I didn't notice them. Thanks for the help!
  5. No problem
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