sapphire 7970 vapor x ghz edition 3gb won't run games on max settings

Hi, I have a 7970 sapphire vapor x and I have heard it should be able to run games on max settings but it can hardly play some games on Max, I can't even play dead island on low settings.. my cpu is good rnough, i7 3770, my psu is a 600 watt, on the box it says a 750 psu is recommended for full performancr but I've read other people have been running it perfrctly with 500 watt psu? The ram is 8gb , so I don't think that is the problem? Please help Wyeth any suggestions? New psu possibly? Please help me cause I have dropped about 1300 bucks and can't Even play games maxed out, please help, thank you
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  1. I think your card isn't working as it should be cause this card can easily play BF3 for example on ultra settings at an average of 68 Fps.
  2. yeah, check the clocks on both gpu and cpu, maybe your still running integrated gfx on the mobo, if so, go to bios and check anything that says video card/video settings, anything like that, and then disable onboard graphics.
  3. i can play battlefield 3 just fine, its just when i try skyrim, star craft 2, or dead island, which wont even play, then it has issues
  4. btw my mobo is asrockb75m- dgs lga 1155 pcie sata 6gb/s usb 3.0
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    Try installing the latest drivers, here I searched them all up for you, but before you install a new driver use this tool:

    Then use this tool to download the driver for your system:
  6. also im playing on a 42 inch vizio tv which leaves like an inch wide border around the entire screen, idk if that will matter?
  7. its prolly a driver issue if you have a gap between the screen like that. Id go with th3controllers post and install latest drivers
  8. so the big issue is that the old driver from the disc may be interfering with the new drivers or what? cause i downloaded this same driver like 15 min ago, but i never uninstalled the old driver or driver off the disc i got with the card and i tried dead island and it was just as bad as before on low settings and nothing really changed.. is there anything else that could be causing the borders on the edge? because now that i dont have any drivers or anything installed, now the borders are gone
  9. just tried the method controll3r said and it didnt work, the borders are back on my tv
  10. guys, crisis averted.. controll3rs idea worked, the way i changed the borders is by going into the catalyst control center! it works now, with all of my games maxed out with antialiasing and everything!! thank you sooo much!! you guys are the best! God Bless!!
  11. And for future references whenever you update your AMD Catalyst software and drivers, do a clean install using this tool.
    Old AMD Catalyst softwares/drivers can interfere with the latest updates.
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