23" gaming monitor under $200 AH-IPS vs e-ips vs tn?

Hi, I posted a question a few days ago but didn't quite get the answer I was looking for, I'm looking for a new 23 inch monitor to go with my new gaming pc. (I5-3570K, GTX 660 Windforce Overclocked, 8gb RAM) I'm currently using a Haier 19" LEC19B1320 720p HDTV and even though it's a decent budget tv, it really isn't designed for pc gaming.

I've spent days looking for the best monitor in my roughly $180 budget. I also recieved a 10% newegg discount code, which means i could go up to a little over $190, as long as the code works (dafuq Samsung promo code -__- )

So far I've been looking at a few monitors and was wondering what my best options would be for a mainly gaming monitor. I've found 3 AH-IPS monitors that look decent,

Viewsonic vx2370smh


AOC I2367fh

and I've found a couple that are just listed as "IPS" which I assume might be 6 bit e-ips

ASUS VS239h-p

ASUS VG23AH 3d monitor (apparently has bad 3d though)

I even found a VA panel monitor for $159
BenQ GW2450

I've found some decent TN monitors like this one

ASUS VX238H 1ms gtg respone time

1. Should I go for an IPS for the color and picture quality, get a VA to be inbetween the others, or get a TN for the low response time, and yes I do know that the response times aren't always accurate. The ASUS TN's are listed as 2ms GTG, the ASUS and LG IPS are listed as just 5ms, the AOC IPS is shown as 5ms gtg, and the viewsonic is 7ms gtg (although it does have some extra features over the the others)

2. If you reccomend IPS then which IPS is best? Or if you reccomend TN, then which TN is best?

3. How slow are the response times on HDTV's? I've been told that HDTV's are almost always slower than any monitor. Specifically I'm wondering if an IPS would be faster than my cheap Haier TV (Haier's like mine are only $150-180)

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  1. Hi, i cant really say which one of those will be best for you, but i can say they will all be most likely superior to the TV in use.

    If you haven't checked this out yet take a look here about input lag vs response.


    From there you can also checkout their database of monitors tested, ill add the link as well; http://www.displaylag.com/display-database/

    Without the Haier tv being tested, i can only guess the peripheral input lag probably would have ranged between 100-250ms response time. Your average 5ms IPS panel monitor will range somewhere between 10-40ms input lag. Lower the better of course albeit still a much improvement if im correct regarding the TV.
  2. hi, you can try looking at viewsonic vx2370smh or AOC i2367fh both are great 23" ips monitors. i think viewsonic got a better panel, they use ah-ips with 4ms response time. hope this help.
  3. I'm going to bump this as this has basically just quoted the list of monitors I'm considering buying. Any further input by actual owners of these monitors would be appreciated.
  4. Any further input by actual owners of these monitors would be appreciated.
  5. Take a look at this:

    It has a pretty decent response time for an IPS panel, has a 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio and the monitor itself looks absolutely fantastic. All for a dirt cheap price of $149. The only let down is it's glossy, but I have already gotten used to it and I might even prefer it since it gives sharper colors. But that might be an issue if you have an ultra bright room.

    If you want to go a step higher, take a look at this:

    It has worse contrast ratio than the Acer, but has built in audio...and supposedly uses AH-IPS panel. I don't know if the Acer uses the AH-IPS panels, but if i were you I would go for the Acer and keep the change in my pocket.
  6. tradecina said:
    Any further input by actual owners of these monitors would be appreciated.

    Hey, I went ahead and bought the ASUS VG23AH monitor. It's not exactly super sleek and flat, but it's only a little bulkier, not much; and I don't think that matters much. When it comes to picture quality it's actually very good, the 3d is decent, but would look alot better if i bought tridef and installed it, the 3d glasses are quite comfortable and don't give me headaches. The only problem I"ve had is that when putting it on certain color settings (game, srgb) you'll get a slight buzzing sound, but only if you're using headphones, and I'm not sure if that's just a defect with this specific monitor i bought or not. Overall it's a very good monitor for the price, I paid $170 with the newegg 10% discount, and it came with a $20 rebate from ASUS too, so the total price with shipping after rebate was $160.84 I really recommend it, even if you don't care about 3d at5 all like me. Considering that ASUS was selling it for $279 this winter, I'd say the price drop to $180 is pretty fair as well.

    Overall against other 23" monitors I've looked at I'd give it a 8 out of 10, and reccomend it to you, although if you're willing to spend $220-240 then I'd look at the asus MX 27" one the guy above me mentioned, because I would have gotten that one instead if I had enough money for it.
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