dell xps 8300 no video signal

hello i just purchased a new motherboard for this pc i put it in and it will not send video signal. i have checked the ram, i have purchased 3 new power supplies, tried using the on board gpu and still nothing im beginning to wonder if this pc is good for anything xcept target practice amber light comes on the power button and stays on the system is a core I5 2nd gen any halp would be greatly appreciated
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    Try this: Get a piece of wood, lay the motherboard on it (yes you remove it from the case first). Reseat the CPU + Memory. Re connect all power connections to mobo and the mobo to the power switch of the case. Connect the video to the onboard video (what sort of connection is this? DVI? VGA? HDMI?) to the monitor. turn on, do you get BIOS? Try a different monitor? Still no joy?
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