Windows 7 PC restarts on shutdown, enters hibernation

so I recently upgraded my motherboard and I am also running in SLI now, I did a clean install of Windows 7, and when I go to shutdown my computer, it restarts instead of shutting down, then once it restarts, it enter hibernation when I login to my user. Can anyone help me? This is urgent I have no clue where to begin.

PC Specs:
Intel core i5-3570k
Windows 7 64-bit
ASrock Extreme 4 Mobo
16gb Corsair RAM
Dual Asus GTX 660ti's
Corsair TX750 Watt PSU

This system is also water cooled.
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  1. Click the Power/Batter icon bottom right corner of your screen. Click More Power Options. Clcik Show Additional Plans, and select High performance. Then on the left there click on Choose what the power buttons do. That should have you on the right power settings and make sure the buttons do what you want them to do.
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    Are you sure you are clicking on the shut down button? Windows 7 is annoying and confusing when it comes down to turning off the system compared to previous Windows models. If you definitley are clicking shutting down, then you maybe want to try it on safe mode or try taking out your new motherboard and putting the old one back in if it still works. If it does shut down then you maybe want to return your new motherboard. And by the way, what type of Windows 7 does it run on? It may vary with all different types of Windows 7.

    Hope this helps,
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