Best way to set up case fans (corsair AF120,140)

Hi guys, I have the Rosewill Challenger case and I just bought 4xAF120mm & 1xAF140 from Corsair and Im also running sli config. I am trying to find the best way to set up my case fans to cool down my sli as much as possible. So any suggestion would be great.
Here is the link to my case:
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  1. Well...there's only one way to set it up. The Rosewill Challenger only supports 4 120mm fans and 1 140mm fan. Two AF120 on the side, one on the back and one in the front with the AF140 on the top.
  2. Sorry what I am trying to figure out is the airflow, which one should be exhaust or take in air....
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    Front and side is intake, back and top is exhaust.
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