Memory stick needs to be formatted. Help me, please!

I have a Sony memory stick and put much important data on it. But, I stupidly forgot to back up all the newly made data on another drive yesterday.
What’s worse, in this morning, when I plunged it on my computer, it told me to format it.
I don’t want to format it and hate losing any data! Could you help me to get back my wanted data without formatting?
Help me, please!
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  1. You could try using the free data recovery tools out there, but my experience with memory sticks, once the memory gets fried the data is completely gone.
  2. Hey there, Esther!

    I'd advise you to try connecting the memory stick to another computer and see how it will get recognized there. It's possible that there's some sort of miscommunication with your system. Another thing you could try is uninstalling & reinstalling the USB flash drive as a device from Device Manager. Once you reboot the system and connect the stick, it should automatically get recognized and re-install itself.

    Hopefully, that will help you access your files. Make sure you do regular backups!
    Good luck & keep us posted! :)
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