HD 7870 vs GTX 760

Hi, I need a advice which one is better bang for buck. 7870 - 170€ and GTX 760 - 240€ Which one would you recommend?
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  1. The GTX760. But only you can decide how much money the performance gain is worth. This will tell you what you need to know:
  2. I calculated the price of 1% and it is 7870 - 2.2.073 and the 760 - 2.400, so I think the 7870 is much better bang, isn't it? Another question, I can play almost every game maxed with 7870 right?
  3. There's maybe half a dozen out now that will need a bit more muscle but most will be fine. Where are you buying from?
  4. The 7870 is better value (and comes with the Never Settle: Reloaded bundle, dont forget that) but the 760 is the stronger performer. Whether the increased cost is worth the increase in performance is up to you.

    I used to run a 7870 before upgrading to my current 7970, you can get get high-ish settings at 1080p in intensive games while still getting a stable 45FPS while playing. Obviously you will need to lower the performance killing settings like AA and Post-Processing.
    7870's overclock pretty well too, you can get a fair bit of extra performance from them.
  5. Isn't the bundle sold out now or have they restocked it?
  6. I live in Slovakia and in the shop with games I would pay 30 € more, so no games :(.
  7. Why not order online from Amazon etc?
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    They might have run out at AMD HQ, but individual retailers might still have stock.
    Damn man, that's unfortunate. Though 30 Euro for three AAA games is still a good deal. You might be able to get them cheaper by buying from people selling off their codes, I bought some games from this guy and can give him a good recommendation.
  9. I am afraid of paying 20 % taxes in our country and customs also which could make the buy more expensive than here.
  10. I thought Amazon serve all countries in Europe? If not, I'd want to avoid import duty also.
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