Need help on components for a complete PC build (with monitor) under US$700

my old P4 PC is almost giving up on me now, it has worked hard for the last 7 years. its time to get a new one.
my budget is 40k to 41 k Indian rupees or US$700.
I also need a good monitor in the budget as the old CRT consumes a LOT :ouch: of power (nearly 300W). thinking of going for a 24 inch 1080p. it needs to loast a long while, will be used mainly for movies, work, internet....and will not see much gaming action after a one yr.

As i m going to be leaving for my job next yr, i need the pc to play games only for a year, after that its life cycle (probably another 7 yrs) is going to be limited as an HTPC/Home server...a simple home computer for mom...(i will definitely buildi a full-blown gaming rig next yr for myself)

i m already tired with the wire mess that my current PC has and hence i would be using a wireless keyboard/mouse. any other such wire-clutter prevention methods would really appreciated..i need this PC to have a small footprint too, ireally liked the bit fenix prodigy case.....something like that would be awesome if possible in my budget....

So what components do you guys suggest ? What do you think about it....anyways your time is appreciated, and hence thanks in advance...
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  2. Thanks, but i m looking for Intel processor and motherboard with mini-ITX config....and atleast a 24 inch monitor is a must.......i might be able to extend the budget a bit if parts are great and long lasting config can be made out of it

    I'll give you an idea about what kind of sys i need in a minute
  3. ok, give it :)
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