Need to help upgrading pc till medium gaming pc.

Hello i decided to go back from consoles back to pc for gaming. i need advise on how to upgrade/change in my current browsing pc to decent medium gaming rig.
Currently i have:
Motherbord M4A77t
CPU AMD athlon II x4 635 2.9ghz
RAM unknown brand 2gb ddr 3 1333hz
GPU sapphire gt440
PSU chieftech cft 700

Ps. I got most parts for free so not even sure if its worth upgrading. And sorry for bad english
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  1. Not really worth upgrading.
  2. getochkn said:
    Not really worth upgrading.

    The athlon 4 core is still decent.
    OP should upgrade his GPU to a HD7850 and get another stick of 2GB DDR3 ram and also try to see if his motherboard can support a FX6300 and if it does then buy it. It will be a decent medium end gaming rig.
  3. Pretty modern motherboard. Could easily grab a Phenom II x4 or even x6, a little out of date, but still a powerful processor. That plus a mid-range GPU and a little more ram and you have yourself a medium settings gaming rig in no time.

    I'll see what's out there and give you a price on a minimal upgrade.
  4. for mid gaming you minimal need 8 gb
    i would go with an intel because intel is more reliable in cpu/chipset
    go with a gigabyte or asus mobo
    go with a corsair seasonic or antec psu
  5. Thank you for fast response. If possible i dont really want to change cpu/mobo if it can cope with games for next several years . Or its that bad just tell me straight i pretty green with amds.
  6. the newer games wont play very well on that cpu
  7. Best answer
    He already has that PC.
    He wanted to upgrade not get a new one.
    Also AMD CPU's and chipsets are just as reliable as Intel ones.
    You don't need 8GB's. People go for 8GB just to be on the safe side. 4GB will do and people on LGA 1366 with 6GB's seem to be doing fine.

    Eximo, A Phenom II X4 965 would only be a 20-30% upgrade. Not really worth it in my opinion.
    The only Phenom II X6 you can find for a normal price right now is the 1045T which needs to be overclocked in order to really be an upgrade over that Athlon.

    Your motherboard does no support FX CPU's, so you can't get the FX 6300.
    Just overclock that Athlon and you should be fine.
    Also get a decent graphics card.

    A HD 7850 or GTX 650 TI Boost would be perfect.

    The HD 7850 gets a LOT of performance through overclocking while the GTX 650 Ti Boost is cheaper.

    If you can spend a bit more, go for a GTX 660 Ti, GTX 760 or HD 7950 OC/Boost.

    They are all pretty much evenly matched.
    The GTX 660 Ti is the most power efficient but gains the least performance from overclocking.
    The GTX 760 is the newest of all 3 and has some new NVidia features.
    The HD 7950 uses the most power but is a champion overclocker and has the performance edge at high resolutions with high levels of AA.
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