Can't bootup without entering BIOS

When I turn on my computer I get a message saying "Can't find drive bla bla and press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart" The only way for me to bootup into windows is to entering my bios and choosing what storage device to boot from everytime I turn on my PC. How do I fix this???
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  1. Set the HDD as the 1st priority in the BIOS , save and exit.
  2. I would make sure my BIOS is set correctly for the boot order... then think about changing the CMOS battery.
  3. ^ do both of those :-) Drive first in boot order and get a new BIOS battery. May want to check for a BIOS update as well.
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    If all fails as the previous posters said to do, than 'Repair" the "Start Up" option from a bootable media. Good Luck.
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