Intel NUC - Dual Display not working

Hello everyone,

Here is my issue, when the NUC boots both monitors are active and display bios, post and windows start up screen. Right before windows loads and the login screen comes up the monitor goes black and isn't receiving a signal from the HDMI cable, the TV remains on and functions properly.

Now here is the interesting part, if I unplug the TV and just use the monitor on either port it still doesn't work. However If I uninstall the Intel GMA driver both the monitor and TV work at the same time but windows won't recognize them as individual displays and it clones the display. I went into to bios to make sure the HDMI ports we're configured correctly and I tried mutliple setups switching the main HDMI port. Has anyone else had issues similar to mine or know of a resolution. Without extend desktop this NUC is worthless to me.


Mushkin 60GB mSATA SSD


Windows 7 64 bit.


Asus 23' VH238H(connected via HDMI). I have also tested with an Acer 23" LCD monitor, not sure of the model.

Samsung 32" TV(connected via HDMI)
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  1. have you tried adjusting your resolutions and refresh rates?
  2. everlost said:
    have you tried adjusting your resolutions and refresh rates?

    Yeah I've tried changing the resolution, not the refresh rates though they are set at 60Hz so it shouldn't cause an issue.
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