Does the case determine whether the front panel audio connectors are hd or ac97?

Hi, I'm still using my old 2006 case though with new parts, I didn't actually put them together myself, I had them put for me, but both my audio and mic front jacks don't seem to be working, I tried most software based solutions, nothing worked so now I'm thinking of opening the case to see if it is connected, I did some research and I found out that the front audio connector is either ac97 or hd, so I want to know if those come with the case or the mobo, if it's with the case then probably mine are ac97 since it's a 2006 ordinary case, if it's with the mobo it's probably gonna be hd since it's a newer motherboard, or atleast that's what I'm thinking. Or if it can't be determined that way, how can I spot the visual difference between them? I'm asking because I wanna know whether to enable hd audio or ac97 in fpanel settings in my bios and my sound manager (via hd). Oh I almost forgot this is my motherboard
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    Its the motherboard that makes the determination. You want to use HD audio for that motherboard as its listed in the specifications from your link.
  2. Ok thank you for your quick answer :)
  3. Unfortunately that quick answer was not correct. It's determined by your case. Motherboard BIOS can typically be set to either AC97 or HD audio.

    From the specs in OP's motherboard link I see this:
    "1: Use a chassis with HD audio module in the front panel to support an 8-channel audio output."

    That means that if you have an AC97 chassis you won't be able to use the 8 channel audio output. Maybe only 2 channels or whatever.

    I'm sorry but wrong answers like gmkos gave here, supported by phony assertion of authority, tick me off.
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