hp printer c4795 cannot find verizon fios router

I have an ibm thinkpad. i previously had my thinkpad connected to my wireless photosmart c4795 printer--(with comcast wireless router) I changed my service and now have verizon fios. I can get my printer to recognize the network but not connect to it. my configuratoin page that I print from the photosmart wireless printer says that "Your hp printer cannot find your wireless router. Check that your wireless router is powered on. Check that your HP printer network name (ssid) matches your wirelss router network name (ssid) exactly.
If they don't match exactly, run the WIRELESS NETWORK SETUP to configure your hp printer.

Q: How do i run the wirless network setup? and which wireless network setup is it referring to? Are they talking through my printer or through my computer? and HOW do I do that?

Q: When I run a configuratoin summary FROM my photosmart printer, it says it's NETWROK NAME (SSID) IS sIGMAPLUSEOL1 ---My wifi network is connelly5, so they obviously DO NOT match. How do i get them to match?
Q: is there a way that I can manually add my printer because i DO NOT HAVE the disc that came with my wireless printer. I know, I know -->shoot me. if I could get direct help from someone I would greatly appreciate it. my email address is and my phone number is
**also, the wifi icon on my photosmart printer is emitting a signal so I'm good there. AND!! when i ask my printer to print a hp network configuratoin Page, it states the network status is OFFLINE ....BUT at the bottom it reads as follows:
Number of 802.11 networks discovered: 1
ssid mode channel privacy Auth signal wps
connelly5 infrastructure 6 rsn wpa-psk -8 no

so the printer is picking up my wifi thru verizon fios, but is not connecting!! Someone please help!
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    First Remove your phone number or your going to get spammed. The second s on hp web page is the installer disk for your printer. I would download them and rerun wifi setup. Make sure you have the wifi network name and password when you rerun the setup.
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