HELP! Rosewill Wifi Adapter NOT WORKING! BEST ANSWER!!!

Hi. I just recently put together my first PC. I bought a Rosewill RNX-n150hg and after installing the drivers its not working. I would install the drivers reboot my machine and I would go down in the bottom right corner and all I would see is the ethernet red "x" showing up, not bars or anything. Please help, BEST ANSWER!!

EDIT: using windows 7
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  1. Hi,

    If you double click on it, can you scan for wireless networks ?

    Is it in the device manager ?
  2. dextermat said:

    If you double click on it, can you scan for wireless networks ?

    Is it in the device manager ?

    It is not in the device manager and where would I be double clicking?
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    On new build make sure you installed the intel or the newest amd chipset drivers for the mb. If you don't the mb chipset won't work right. On some mb look in your mb guild. On my asus sabertooth the last pci slot is turned off by default. The other issue is the slot that the card is in is sharing Irq or memory range with the video card or another device in the system. Some times you have to move cards into anther slot on the mb.
  4. Just because you installed the driver doesn't mean Windows will see any Wifi Network. I spend a week trying every suggestion on the web and none worked, I too had an X in the Ethernet taskbar, that was with using an Linksys Adapter. The Rosewill adapter has its own program and will see the Wifi Network if you install the Rosewill CD. (and Not just the drivers).
    That's what I'm using to log-in here, a Rosewill RNX-EasyN1. Now even after your computer is able to go on the internet, and use your computer Network, does not mean that Windows will detect the Network. Microsoft specifically says that 3rd party Networks may not show up in Windows Network
    It's really an irony that my TV and all my cell phones including my Laptop and iPad is able to connect to my Network but Windows can't find the Network. Therefore, it must hold true that which Microsoft said -- just because you are using a 3rd party software does not equate of Microsoft reporting the Network in the Wifi Control panel. Try installing Rosewill Program and if you lost or misplaced their CD go to their website and download their program.
    And the X won't disappear, instead you will have a Rosewill icon in the taskbar showing all devices in the Network.
  5. I gave the working answer how install a Rosewill wifi adapter. My answer may have show up as a question.

    To get rid of the X , open the WiFi Network and uncheck "Show Network in Taskbar". Do that after you have the Rosewill Icon in the taskbar.
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