Laptop ODD replaced with a HDD or USB 3.0

I currently have a Samsung NP305 with the AMD A6-3420M in which i just use as a dock now because the screen cracked. The laptop is used only for my music studio. I am upgrading the HDD to a SSD but also would love to see if i could turn the CD-Drive (ODD) into another SSD or possibly a USB 3.0.

Ive already taken the laptop apart and everything is really assessable. There is an extra input on the motherboard for another Drive but no slot to case the HDD. The ODD uses the same input as the HDD as i mentioned so i would like to possibly buy a adapter and to swap the ODD bay to another Drive or USB 3.0. Will this work?
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  2. Lonewolf, this is exactly what i am looking for. I just had no clue where to look for it at. Thanks buddy.
  3. Glad to help you. Cheers.
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