upgrading my DELL XPS8500

MY current specs are...

Windows 8
3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i5-3350P
PNY 550ti
2TB Hard Drive
460w Power Supply

I have a budget of $500 (skipping this years consoles and upgrading my pc instead)

I'm looking to play games like Battlefield 4 in the future, I can play BF3 right now on MED setting but i'm looking to do better then MED.

since i still have warranty and service for free @ bestbuy any bestbuy links would be helpful!

thanks in advance!
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  1. Not a lot to do here. A GTX770 would set you back about $400.
  2. You would probably need to get a new power supply to support a more powerful vidoo card as well. Would need the info off the power supply label or its exact model to make a determination.
  3. Best answer
    A GTX 670 would make a good upgrade without needing a new power supply and is high enough over 550 ti that you would notice.
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